Friday, March 13, 2009

Global Adventures

Today I met with a physician from Kenya who very much wishes to establish an exchange program between the university at which he teaches and our nursing and dental hygiene programs. This may be the first step towards a program that will actually begin in 2-3 years. It takes a very long time to get something going like this. We were just about to say good bye when he mentioned our simulation center. I walked him there and found it was down day for the center and the staff there graciously demonstrated everything.

For dinner I met my friend who wants to go to Poland in September. We discussed all the different options. I know she and her family will have a wonderful time.

And today I received photos of December memories when I hosted a brunch for Dorota from Poland and Hu Di from China. One photo is above. The digital age is great. I received this photo from China and now only 12 hours later it's on my blog. However, Dorota on the left is presently working in South Africa in a location in which the Internet is scarce, so she will have to wait nearly a month to see the photo!

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