Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sometimes No Adventures is Fine

It's been five days since I've written anything. Life has just been routine for awhile. Or has it? The snow has disappeared except for some of the stubborn snow banks piled along driveways where it was shoveled. We got rain instead of snow this week. The rain washed the world a bit, and the best is that one doesn't have to shovel rain.

I've been reading and evaluating papers mostly in the evening. At the office I'm getting a few tasks off my list. I disappointed over 50 people sending them a letter saying they are not going to be admitted to graduate school. We received 4 times the number of applicants for nurse practitioner tracks than could be accepted, and that's with a 20% increase in acceptances.

I've been working on revising a course for which I'm responsible to a new textbook. At the same time I'm developing a totally new course that has to be ready to go Fall Semester. That's taken a lot of time at both the office and at home. The living room is now piled with books.

Today I packed out junk from the garage in to a Dumpster in a Bag. This has a funny connection to Poland. Two years ago while I was at Reymonotowka I was telling other volunteers I was going home to use this product. They couldn't figure out what I was talking about. Reymontowka was doing some remodeling that spring, and suddenly there was truck with dumpsters in a bag, only doing the opposite. The stone block being used was delivered that way.

So it's just one step at a time on a lot of projects. Later this week I hit 90 days before flying to Warsaw. On that day I'll get to pick my seat on the plane. Looking forward to that!

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