Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday Adventures

Today is my grandson's 10th birthday. He asked sometime ago for a Key Lime Pie rather than a cake. Right after that I noticed we can now buy bags of Key Limes in the grocery store, so it seemed possible to deal with his request. Yesterday I stopped for last minute groceries. However, today when I started to put the pie togther I realized I didn't have any sugar. One can't make a graham cracker crust without a bit of sugar.

So even though the temperature was hovering around zero -- and that's a whole different story-- I went to the store to get sugar. The crust was in the oven and I had the Key Lime filling ready and then I realized I didn't have any cream of tartar, one of the essential ingredients for the meringue. So back to the store.

The Key Lime Pie and a gift of Legos made the boy smile!

One always learns things with children, but I didn't think how to make Key Lime Pie would be one of the things on the list.

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