Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Step Towards Summer Adventures

Today is 90 days before I leave for Poland. At 7 AM this morning I got myself a very good seat on the MSP to Amsterdam flight. This plane is much fuller than it was last year at this time, a surprising thing considering all the doom and gloom about the economy.

This evening I spoke at my church about my times in Poland. Afterwards a man came to speak to me about volunteering in Poland. He explained his family came from Minsk. I inquired, "Which Minsk? The one now in Belarus or Minsk, Maz in Poland?" My question was the first time he knew there were two cities named Minsk quite close together. He tried to clarify by saying it was the one that would have been in Russia when his family immigrated. I told him both cities would have been under Russian control when Poland was partitioned. So he and his family have some looking up now to do in their family records.

There are many tasks to accomplish in the next 89 days!

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