Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adventures with the Good

There has been much bad news lately. Thus,seeing good today is a nice antidote. I made a trip to Neighborhood House in Saint Paul to plan an event there. People must have been there to a food shelf. It was wonderful, truly, to see folks walking out with bags of potatoes for example. It made me think that some will eat good in the next few days.

I stopped by my local public library branch. This place has what can be called nothing but a wierd elevator set up. The floors aren't marked by 1, 2, and 3, but rather by letters. Ground floor, for example, is M. As I approached the elevator a Mom came with a boy about 3. Knowing how kids like to push buttons I asked the boy if he wanted to and if he knew the right button. He quickly and correctly pushed the button that says CR. His mother said, "Tell her how you remember." The boy looked at me very proudly and said, "CR means Cool Readers!" What a good start this boy has for his life. (I think actually CR is supposed to mean Community Room, but this little guy has a much better idea.)

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