Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grandparenting Adventures

Today my younger daughter and I spent a lot of time shopping for a new granddaughter expected in early June. Since the youngest grandchild now is 10 years old, we had a lot of shopping to do! We got the crib and mattress from Target plus clothing items, hangers, and a bathtub.We went to a consignment shop called Once Upon a Child and got a swing and more clothing. My daughter's work colleagues are handing down a stroller and a car seat. All that is needed yet for "survival" is a diaper container (for the yucky ones) and a pad for the changing table. This coming week is my daugher's spring break from her school job so she has time now to get this all organized. My daughter received some brand new "hand me downs" even with the store tags on them from a friend. That baby never wore this clothing because she got too big too quickly. I have a feeling this expected baby will never wear some of these items either, for newborn size is to fit 5-8 lb. babies and I think this baby will arrive a quite close to 8 lbs!

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