Monday, March 9, 2009

Heart-Stopping Adventure

I was on my way to a town about 25 miles away to meet a colleague who wishes to travel to Krakow in September and asked for my advice. I've looked forward to this evening for a long time -- a dinner in a fun place and a wonderful topic of conversation. About half way there I was stopped at a light when my car stalled out. The dashboard lit up like Christmas tree with indicators I've never seen before which seemed to indicate a serious oil problem. The car refused to start, and I was on a somewhat busy intersection. Two very kind men pushed my car around the corner to a safer location.

I called my office and got my secretary and asked her assistance in contacting my colleague and canceling the dinner. Then I got a tow truck company engaged. I sat there awhile and thought I'd try again. The car started so I decided to go just a short way to a strip mall. The car seemed to be OK, so I called the tow truck and canceled that. I drove back towards home until I got to gas station. I stopped an got a quart of oil and added that and got home without any difficulty, just now disappointment.

The forecast tomorrow is for a messy snow storm. The car is in my garage until I see what the weather is and whether tomorrow will be day for the land surveyor to come to start the lot-split project. When I know my schedule and weather better I'll call for a service appointment. Got out of a mess with minimal trouble!

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