Monday, March 2, 2009

Non-Shopping Adventure

CostCo is moving into the Twin Cities. We got an e-mail saying as university employees we could go try it out. I have heard good things about CostCo so decided to check it out. This particular store is located in the northeast corner of the Metro area. From work it is not so bad, but the drive took longer than I expected.

I got there and had to listen to the membership sales pitch. Of course one should buy the executive membership so one can buy carpet, countertops, cars and travel arrangements, as if I would ever buy those things at such a place. The deal breaker, however, is that I can't use my debit card there because it doesn't have the right symbol on the back. Why market to state employees if one is going to refuse the debit card from the credit union for state employees? I've never before had my debit card turned down. I was nothing but shocked. Then being told I could always use the ATM to get money -- I guess with my non-conforming debit card and that it would only cost 75 cents to use the ATM -- well that was the deal breaker.

So I'll get the carpet from the store that specializes in carpet and floor coverings, continue to buy cars from a car dealer, and manage my own travel arrangements. I will continue to buy groceries from the store that is 2 blocks away, that takes my debit card, and has an ATM I can use without any charges.

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