Thursday, May 24, 2012

After Work Adventures

The principal of the school where I'm teaching told me he would take me to the "best pastry shop in Barlad." He picked me up at 6 PM, had his son and daughter along, both of whom have been in my classes. We drove to the pastry shop and as I climbed the stairs to the 2nd floor of its location, I didn't realize a shelf began on the right side to hold plants. Bang into with my head, so I taught the word, "Ouch!" He was right indeed about the pastry.

It was hard to make a choice, and oh wonders of wonders -- I found a cold Coke Zero. I'm in the part of the world where many believe cold drinks make one ill, and it's really, really hard to find cold drinks.

After enjoying both pastry and ice cream, we went to the nearby city park. We wandered in the area that is designed for small children. It was fun to see the very little children in this area. It is a fun space.

Then we walked on the trails and boulevards in the park.

It's amazing to me to see that all the flowers are just the same as I see in Minnesota. The only difference I notice is that many roses are in full bloom and it's usually too early for that in Minnesota.

They returned me to the hotel at 8:30 just when the skies opened for rain again. It was a lovely evening.

I'm saying all this rain is my fault. I was one hour out of Amsterdam when I remembered that I had left my umbrella at home. I'm certain that if I had remembered it the sun would have shone every day while I was here!

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