Friday, May 25, 2012

Morning Adventure

I had breakfast right at 8 AM and then afterwards braved going outside. It was cool and the wind is blowing at a very high speed. I wanted to go down to the Penny Market to see if they had anything different than Lidl right across the street.

On my way I got a photo easily of one of the driver's ed cars. I have seen this frequently here in Barlad.

Nearby is an important sign that a visitor to Europe should know. This signifies a pharmacy, spelled farmacie in Romania, spelled apetka in Poland, and spelled gyogyszeter in Hungary! This is where one can get medicine, and often medicine without a doctor's prescription. The pharmacy is always a separate shop, nothing else sold there, not like the combined places we have in the United States.

Often what one see is a green cross against a white background.

And every city in Europe in which I've lived or visited has a requirement that some are open 24 hours a day.

In the market I had fun looking at the products.

I wished I could take these home.

I am quite certain from the way they were packaged, I could not take them through customs in the United States.

Next to them was dates from Tunisia.
I found broccoli from Spain. It looks slightly different than broccoli in the United States. Had it not been labeled, I am not certain I would have correctly recognized what it was.

I saw this sign and didn't even have to look. My Polish kicked in, but this legume has the same name in Romanian.

Here's what was below the sign.

This product, however, has me puzzled.

Here's the package.

It looks like a lozenge of vitamins, but if so, what an interesting name for it.

Stay tuned, I've many more stories to tell about my time in Romania.

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