Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Day in Romania

Today I taught four classes -- and did the same lesson for each. I found a book of 1000 stickers of alphabet letters when recently visiting in Nebraska. I have the children make their name using alphabet stickers and then write words that relate to each letter of their name. For instance for L  -- when in Romania, one choice could be lac which is lake in English. I've done this lesson many times in language camps and the kids always like it. The older and more proficient students can do this more quickly and then we spent some time making sentences with words that they chose from their list.

My class is held in the school library -- that is why the shelves are full of books.

I come back to the hotel for my lunch. Today I had pizza. The blue green water is the Dorna brand of bottled water.

This afternoon I was totally self-sufficient. I walked to and from the school and didn't have any one to translate for me. Walking back I noticed this furniture stand along the street. The prices were amazing low -- around $60-70 for these pieces. I was surely wishing I could tuck one in my suitcase.

There are some interesting things out the window of my room.

Across the way is a building supply store. Notice there is a forklift uploading the truck. However, all the supplies going to building sites are transferred via horse wagons. For example, this afternoon while walking away from my school, I saw a wagon full of bricks. In the background you can see the Tutova Hills that surround the city.

Later in the afternoon I walked to a nearby grocery store. I thought the church spire against the sky was a beautiful scene.

This evening we went to Restaurant Alona for our evening meal. This restaurant has a little bit of everything. As one volunteer just said, I still haven't had Romanian food in Romania.

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