Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Retirement Parties

On Friday afternoon I went to the new film, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Early in the film one of the characters is walking to a retirement party -- not for him, but for someone else, and he sarcastically says, "Yes, that's what everyone dreams about -- a retirement party. Let's have a retirement party." I laughed at this, because I was learning about retirement events. The social events are fun, but the paper work behind them is not exactly fun.

The first event was held by my colleagues -- an early evening dinner hosted in one of my colleagues' homes. It was to honor three of us leaving, two sort of retiring and one relocating from Minnesota to Pennsylvania.  My colleagues decided an international theme was the right idea for the three of us.

Here's the supper table.
Around the home there were small posters and the following were sent home with me.

I also received notes that were very cute. Part of each note was already scripted and the people added the remainder. Lovely ones:

The gift you gave us is your passion for our students. 
The one thing I hope you pack is your camera. Send us pictures of all your wonderful adventures.

I also came home with a original photo of a pair of eagles taken by one of my colleagues.

I thought it was a wonderful and special evening.

The next day we had meetings all day and a potluck at lunch time. We were instructed not to bring desserts because something sweet would arrive at the All College Meeting in the afternoon.

Here's what arrived.

 But while they were all enjoying the cake, I was in a different meeting associated with interviews for a new provost. When I rejoined the College meeting, I was surprised with a card and a very generous gift card. I thought the notes above were an excellent gift -- the gift card was certainly over the top. I have to think carefully about how to spend this -- it should be for something special.

Today was the official University party. This was a reschedule date and turned this day into a stressful day for I had appointments for hair and nails in anticipation of leaving for Romania on Thursday.

I did manage to get to the retirement party not to too late, in fact just behind my younger daughter and the three grandchildren. I had expected my daughter and my toddler granddaughter, but the older kids were a surprise. She arranged for them to get out of school early  for this event.

Tied to the stroller from younger granddaughter was this:

Here's some photos:

LeeVon, Mari and Nini  

My older daughter got there in time for the program.

Here is the Dean speaking about me.

Here I am receiving an award from the Faculty Association President.

By tradition it's a apple for the teacher, in this case a beautiful paperweight.

Here I am receiving the emeritus award from the University President.
Here is a better photo of this lovely award.

And also from the University I received a set of marble and onyx bookends.
When the ceremony was over I finally had a chance to open the gift from the family.

It's engraved on the pedestal with my name and the phrase: Teachers change lives.

We went to a nearby Mexican restaurant. Here's my younger granddaughter enjoying the sour cream.

I said I'd bring this photo to her high school graduation party!!!

Now retired? Not quite -- Tomorrow I have three meetings and guest lecture at a community college school of nursing. I teaching two courses this summer as well.

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