Saturday, May 19, 2012

Watching the Round-About

There is a major highway -- the word I use, although apparently in Romania that word means a 4-lane road -- a major highway between Romanian cities that goes by the hotel where we are staying. Right outside my room, that highway also intersects with a major crossroads in Barlad. To prevent the need for left hand turns and stop lights and to keep things moving, there is a round-about. Yesterday I took some photos of what goes round the round-about.

The vehicle that got me started with morning was the tractor and the wagon.

Because it is major highway, there are many, many trucks.

And small trucks for more local delivery.

And of course one see taxis.

Every once in awhile a minibus stops and picks up passengers.

Bicycles must also go round the round-about.

There are construction type trucks, but I've not seen much construction either on buildings or on highways.

If one looks very closely, it is possible to see an orange sign on the top of the car in the 6:00 position as well as the car in the 2:00 position. The sign says, scola, which means school. These are driver's ed cars. One thing I saw, but for which I could not grab the camera fast enough to take a photo, was a truck scola -- a truck used to train people to drive trucks.

There are still some old style cars about such as the one above. It must "live" or "work" nearby because I see it driving about and also parked nearby quite frequently.
I took this photo primarily because of the scooter, but it shows the ''salad" of vehicles that pass by.

Then last evening after our evening meal I walked the round-about.

Here's a photo of one side of the hotel in which we stay. My room is on the top floor and on the left as you view this photo. At home I watch the trains go by, here I can be entertained with the round-about. And it actually tells one something about the culture of Barlad by what one sees.

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