Saturday, May 26, 2012

Leaving Romania

I left Romania today. A van arrived at the hotel at about 9 AM. We made it to the Bucharest Airport a bit before 1 PM. We all got a bite to eat at the grocery store on the arrivals level. Then we began watching for the next Global Volunteers team. Four of them are nursing students from the University of Iowa. Since that is where I did my BSN degree, I was thrilled to see them. Then we found the 5th team member who arrived on a different flight.

After that Dan, one of the Romania Country Managers, walked me to the international departure area. I waited and waited and waited for the desk to be posted for the Amsterdam flight. The only thing I could see was the "Premium" desk. I finally went there and asked how to check in for Amsterdam and was told, "Right here" and we'll be posting the desk in about 10 minutes. My bag, much to my surprise weight 20.1 kg. No problem, but I'll find some things to take out overnight and put in my carry on bag so it won't be a problem tomorrow.

After clearing security and passport control, I was in the shopping area. I got a very good mele-- a roll rather like what we call in the States a cinnamon roll along with a Coke Zero -- a cold Coke Zero.. Then I made the long trek to Gate 14. There I found a nice coffee shop and got a cappuccino. At last it was time to board the flight.

I'm back at Citizen M. Very glad I found this hotel at the Schiphol. It is a convenient and nice place to stay.

Got International CNN on the TV and learned next week is Poland week on International CNN. This is part of a wind-up to Euro 2012. Sorry I will miss this -- the TV week I mean. Wish to had International CNN in the States.

Going to find a cold drink and then will probably crash out. I have the alarms being set for 6 AM so I get up and get going for my flight in the morning. Very glad I'm taking a night out to sleep.

I had a wonderful time in Romania. Sorry this adventure is over, but some more pictures and stories will soon appear here.

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