Monday, May 28, 2012

Morning Walks in Three Countries

Before leaving Barlad on Saturday morning, I took a walk through the city. Predictably, on the day I was leaving the rain had disappeared and there was bright sunshine.

I thought this wall and the flowers both beautiful.

I also enjoyed walking through the nearby park. This was shortly after 8 AM in the morning and there were many there enjoying the sunshine.

The roses in particular are quite showy now.

Walking back to the hotel I came through another plaza area.

The fountains were running. The tent is part of a campaign effort by a person running for a position in the city government. There are votati signs all over Birlad as well as other cities in which we traveled, for the election coming up in early June.

Sunday morning found me at the Amsterdam Airport walking from my hotel to Schiphol Plaza.

The roadway above is A4, heading to various cities in the Netherlands.

It was a long walk from where I entered the terminal to Departure Lounge 3 where I checked in for my flight. After that I did another long walk to my gate. Much of the walk was on Holland Boulevard.

I found some Australian chocolate done up in the form of initials.

I stopped for a cappuccino.

This morning I walked along the Mississippi River. Two surprises -- summer has arrived while I was gone, and we are due to have a minor flood on the river by Friday. While I was gone I did read a newspaper headline that the May weather in Minnesota was wet and wetter -- rather like what I had just experienced in Barlad. When crossing the river to come home yesterday, I could tell it was at minor flood stage.

Summer flowers are in full bloom.

Hosta in bloom.

Roses here too, but looking a bit weather-beaten by all the rain.

And I found this modified flag hung in honor of Memorial Day.

So there you have it -- views of three countries. Now time for a nap to get over jet-lag.

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