Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Busy Day # 2

I woke up at 5:45 and started on preparation for classes for the day. I went down to the lobby area around 7:15 because all of the other team members were leaving. They were taken to the train station to catch the 8:04 AM train to Bucharest, arriving there hopefully at 1:05 PM. Tomorrow they board a 6 AM flight to Amsterdam, and then from there catch an Amsterdam to Seattle flight which is about 13 hours. They are all headed to a psychology conference being held in Seattle. I don't envy that plane ride at all.

I went to Primary School # 2 and taught two classes this morning. In the first one I used cards of the United States as way to help student learn how to pronounce English. We also found the states on a map. When we were done, one of my students came up to me and said, "I love geography." The rest of the day I've had mostly younger students, and the last class had 21! Twenty-one first -third graders keeps one hopping!

During the lunch break I wandered down the street to the Fugi Film store to see if there was help for my camera. The clerk took one look at the lithium battery in my camera and said, "no batterie." So I told her I'd like to purchase a new camera. I now have a version of a Nikon Coolpix -- got it for a very good price. The battery charger has a European plug, so now when I travel to Europe I'll have one less thing that needs an electrical adapter. Now I have to get acquainted with how to do things with it-- I've already started taking photos, but how to transfer them to the computer is the next task. The paper manuals in the box are all in Romanian, but it came with a CD that has electronic versions of the manual in about 12 other languages.

But before I can play -- I have to plan classes tomorrow. I'm trying to get together a power point of pictures about the Saint Paul and the Mississippi River.

Please hang in here if you have been looking for photos. I'll be at that task after the Thursday classes are planned. Friday is easy -- Bingo for every class. This is a totally new game to these kids and they love it.

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Shaz said...

I love how you use games in your teaching. Years ago when my daughters were in 2nd grade their teacher integrated games into math. The kids loved it, but one mother complained that her kids came home saying they played games all day. The plan of the game was to give each child a number, then call out 2 + 7 and 9 had to run to the front of the class and so on with subtraction, multiplication and division. The kids never realized they were learning something. Good old Mrs. Bair how we loved her.