Thursday, May 3, 2012


One trick to remembering where one parks the car is actually to think about it when parking. Usually one's mind is on the next tasks -- the class, the meeting, or whatever -- and then afterwards -- where did I park? The short term memory is like a computer file -- if one doesn't save, then it's not there. I made an intention to notice a house on the street in front of my parking place. Then I took a notice at its neighbors and pulled out my camera.

Our University campus is in an old St. Paul neighborhood, and immediately around the campus, the houses were those for the working class of the late 19th century. This area of St. Paul used to be heavy manufacturing and also had one of the largest beer breweries in the United States== From the land of sky blue waters --- Hamm's beer. 

These houses are presently being rehabbed, and no one is living in them right now. Hence the windows look a bit unusual.

I really like this black and white house

Next to it is a red house.

And on the other side this house:

Hope you enjoy this view of the campus neighbors.

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