Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Computer working!

The computer is at last working with the hotel internet service. The country manager did some work on my computer and then when we arrived back here after class the internet was down in the hotel. About one hour ago it came back and I tried again. I found one more setting to change to make the internet from the hotel work with this computer. It's always a great mystery. Soon, I will start to write something more interesting. I have a lot of pictures on my camera to process, now that I have the computer back. Today I did four English classes, some groups were new students and others were repeats -- not what I was expecting. Now I have to get some lessons planned, and then put everything in a tote bag and then just see who walks into the room and hopefully grab out the right lesson for the group. I also did a very short interview today with the local TV station. The school to which I am assigned is having an Open House today and that's whay the press was there. The reporter asked me about my "project." I explained we come to help the host achieve their goals, we can't come in from the outside and know what is the best thing to do. More volunteers arrving late tonight. I haven't been sleeping well. It may be a challenge to stay awake and greet then.

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